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Excelsior believes that a proper combination of Human Resource and Technology can lead to ultimate success. Hence, with skilled and experienced Human Resources, Excelsior play the following roles in the trading activities:

  Provide solution to buyers in Bangladesh to cater their needs of products and services from overseas market.
  Represent foreign manufacturers or exporters as agent or representative for marketing and selling their products in Bangladesh
  Act as export / selling agent of Bangladeshi manufacturer to promote and sell their products in overseas market.
  Act as buying agent of Bangladeshi manufacturers to cater their needs of various products from overseas suppliers.
  Indenting, Import, Export, Trade and related Selling / Purchasing business in Bangladesh and overseas Markets.

Considering experience, knowledge and customer base, Excelsior have dedicated its scope of business in following sectors to serve its buyers and sellers professionally:

, Cosmetics, Textiles, Plastic, Tea AND Metal SECTORS

Excelsior supplies Turn-key Projects with transfer of professional knowledge in all sectors to Bangladeshi entrepreneurs with its long experience and successful track record in this field.

Excelsior also exports textile product specially garments and sports shoes ensuring quality and delivery time to overseas market.

Each sector of business is managed by separate and competent business team. And, they are continuously making promising development of services to achieve higher level of satisfaction of both buyers and sellers, and thus progressing towards excellence.

Excelsior Team conducts their business through a continuous process of quality improvement and keeping in mind the following points:

- Understand fully the needs of buyers and sellers.

- Meet the needs of buyers and sellers to the best of their ability with total and absolute commitment to the highest achievable quality.


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