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Excelsior supply all kind of machineries and equipments required for producing plastic products. This Division also supplies any kind of machine for different industrial sectors according to the requirement of their customers.  Name of some machinery and equipment are mentioned bellow for references

Name of Product Products to be produced by the machine  
Injection Moulding Machine :
(80 Ton ~ 3800 Ton)
- House hold products
- Garments Accessories
- PVC & UPVC Fittings
- Plastic Pallet etc.
Garments Bag Making Line
- Film Blowing
- Flexo Printing
- Side Seaing
- Bottom Sealing
Garments/Shrimp Bag
PVC/PP-R Extrusion Line PVC/PPR Pipe Extrusion Line PVC Wave Sheet, Plain Sheet & Foam Sheet
Roto molding Machine Water Tank
Injection Blow Moulding Machine (IBM) PE/HDPE Container and bottles

Injection Blow Moulding for PET Machine

Pet Bottles

Plastic Auxilary Machinery
a)Hot Air Dryer
b)Auto loader
c) Color Mixer Machine
d) Crusher
e) Cooling Tower
f) Chiller
g) Plastic Mould.

a)For drying of Resin
b)For loading of Resin & Compound
c) For mixing color with Resin
d) For crushing wastage or rejected products
e) For maintain ambient temperature in the mould
f) For reducing Mould Temperature
g) For making different kind of products.

Belling Maching For Socketing of PVC Pipe  
Roto Moulding Machine Water Tank  
Mould For making different Kind of products.  
Name of Product Products to be produced by the machine  
Double Chamber Tea Bag making M/C For making Double Chamber Tea bag
Gas/Diesel Generator Electricity
Air Compressor
Compressed air

Food (Juice and Energy Drink Production Line)

Juice and Energy Drink
Any Kind of Industrial Machinery/Plant According to customer requirement
Hard Candy Production Lain Biscuit making machine  
Chips Production Lain Chips Making machine  

a) Knitting M/C
b) Dyeing M/C
c) Fabric Finishing M/C
d) Fabric Inspection M/C
e) Fabric Spreading & cutting M/C

Textile for making Textile related product  

Double Chamber Tea Bag Making Machine
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