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The Company believes that the Human Resources is the key to its success.

Since the Company is committed to provide a continuously improving level of services to its buyers / customers and sellers / principals, the Human Resources Department plays an important role by providing :

- Competent, energetic, hardworking, self motivated human resource to different Division of the Company.

- Training and motivation to the existing human resources for improvement of competency of individual
  member and team.

This Department is actively involve in human resources development and their process are as follows:

- Interview for new human resource

- Appointment of new human resource

- Orientation and Training of new member in the team

- Finding floating and hidden ability and knowledge of existing team member

- Placing appropriate human resource to right place for utilizing his / her full capabilities

- Continuous Guidance, Training and Motivation for improvement of competency level of existing members.

- Assist and guide the members to follow the Company Management procedure and system.




This department provides all kind of logistic (Office working environment, equipment, communication, transport facilities, etc.) required to conduct Company's business activities.


They also organize / arrange the following for its team members, customers and principals:

- Traveling arrangement (Tickets, Hotels, etc.)

- Meeting, Conference, Entertainment

- Events of the Company

- Exhibition / Fair.





This department provides all kind of I.T. support to all division and members of the Company for smooth business operation and communication.


Following are the members of HR/Admin Division .

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